Brand messages
convey emotion.

Video advertising is currently one of the biggest trends in online advertising. We offer you the evania Motion Ads (expandable video banners) and evania Pre-Rolls (video ads before video clips) to shift attention to grabbing campaigns and enthusiasm about your brand.

The advertising is delivered only in visible range and its own portfolio of publishers and in high-value content. Your target group can delivered by common demographic criteria as well as by topic narrow environments.


Benefits of using Pre-Roll Ads via evania:

  • Long range – currently 50 million AIs per month
  • Increased promotional attention by strong acceptance
  • Comprehensive targeting options
  • Pre-roll is one of the strongest click advertising formats


Reasons that speak for evania Motion Ads:

  • Attention-grabbing formats
  • Huge user acceptance
  • Long range (from the current 28 million UUs)
  • User-interactive advertising
  • Flexible, universally adaptable video ad format
  • Customizable sizes maximized video window