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Since its establishment in 2008 evania stands for e-mail advertising with high quality standards. The use of a powerful shipping technology and regular maintenance of the receiver profiles provide a strong foundation for your campaign.


Of course, all recipients have given their consent (double opt-in) voluntarily, so 100 percent tested Permission advertising contacts exist in your own exclusive distributor. We use our continually grown manifold with 5.2 million recipients, or our German partners 25 million recipients to reach potential customers.

Take advantage of the strong direct response values ​of the medium standalone newsletter. This form of advertising is one of the most efficient in the media mix. Combined with your target group selection and individual personalization to win new customers in the near future. A typical example for the acquisition of new customers is the use of individual voucher codes that support our delivery technology.


Advantages of evania email marketing at a glance:

  • About 5.2 million exclusive recipient
  •  Monthly 30,000 new potentials
  •  Personal advice and selection of your target audience
  • Regular care of the recipient profiles, all receivers with double opt-in
  • Guaranteed deliverability by whitelisting with all major providers
  • Sender is high quality, German sender, simple opt-out procedure
  • Attractive selection options
  • Success control of your campaign


5 steps to a successful campaign: