A team of
human experts.

We are a young company that has set itself with the task of delivering its customers campaigns as professionally and as accurately as possible in all online marketing channels. Every partners receives individual attention from us, so that together we can make the most out of existing resources and increase performance.
We focus on quality, transparency and honesty.

We don´t like standing still, so ever since 2008 we’ve always challenged ourselves to keep up to date with the most recent trends and technological developments, and stand by our partners with our know-how and expertise.

We guarantee the best service for your campaigns, advertising budgets and of course advertising revenue for our publishers.

For us, a close cooperation with our partners and customers is always a priority.

Efficient solutions for customer acquisition and customer retention are goals that we achieve for you.

evania GmbH was founded in 2008 by Mr. David Pikart. After many successful years in the media industry, the company has now been divided into two areas. This enabled us to keep on growing all online channels, while staying loyal to our high quality standards. evania MEDIA is looking forward to many more campaigns with our quality customers and a many more publishers who want to grow with us.